Look no further.  Your search is over. Java Planet is the freshest, best tasting coffee –organic or otherwise–that you can buy.

Why?  Java Planet is Made by Coffee Lovers for Coffee Lovers!

Tampa Bay’s Only Organic Coffee Company. Java Planet is a labor of love.  A love of a good cup of coffee.  A love of the environment. A love of life.  This is not your ordinary coffee roasting company.

Founders Mike and Jennifer started roasting their own coffee at home.  Their home roasted coffee was such a hit with friends and family that they started roasting extra coffee for them.  It just grew from there.  Click Here to read the Java Planet story.

We offer Fair Trade Certified™ products Click here to read more about fair trade and organic and the benefits of drinking a coffee that is not only organic, but fair trade certified!

What some Java Planet fans have to say: (Click on image to see video)

  • “What the taste of coffee should be! Unlike the burnt brew that has been commercialized as coffee over the last two decades. Java Planet offers a natural and refreshing experience one can easily get used to.” J.D.
  • “One word, WOW!!!!! What delicious coffee. The Morning blend is just perfect! I think it should be called The Great Morning blend!!  It’s so great.” L.H.-your devoted customer
  • “We loved all of the coffees … the Sumatra we loved, Bold & Strong.  African: Yummy & Smooth; Costa Rican: Good & Full Bodied; New Guinea: EXCELLENT!  Thank you so much. I am still enjoying the coffees and the flavors!” D.M.

Do you have any pleasant memories that include coffee?  We do and these are included on our blog Coffee Moments.  Send us your coffee moments and a photo and we might add it to the blog!

Why organic?

Java Planet is committed to providing you with the best tasting, freshly roasted organic coffee.  We want people to enjoy their coffee without  chemicals, additives and “additional flavors.”  Our coffee is made from choice specialty organic coffee beans. We ensure that all our coffee beans are certified organic, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals to help protect and nurture the planet for this generation and the many more to come.

Why Java-Planet?  Most people don’t  know that 90% of the coffee sold in the US is sold stale.   Many people think if they buy whole beans and ground them themselves their coffee is fresh.  That is not the case.   Coffee beans exposed to air are at their best within one week after roasting.  One week!  How old and stale is the coffee you’re currently drinking?

How do we keep your coffee fresh?  We roast it to order and we pack it for freshness.  When you purchase a bag of Java Planet coffee today it won’t be picked off some shelf after sitting for months waiting to be sold.   We even stamp the date roasted on the bag so you know when your coffee was roasted. You won’t find that on any bag of coffee from Seattle.  You will find instructions on the bag on how to keep your coffee fresh after opening.

About Our site

If you just want to start shopping, click here.  You will see that there are different categories of coffee and if you click on the category, you will see the many varieties of coffee’s available.

Since we are coffee lovers, we assume you are too!  Take advantage of the resources on this site to find out all sorts of coffee facts; how it’s roasted; how it’s brewed; more about the tastes, the smells, and how organic coffee is made.  Click Here to go through the coffee basics section of the site.

Want to know more about where are coffee’s are grown? Just click here to find out about the regions our coffee’s are grown.

Don’t understand all this “coffee jargon?’ Click here to get the definitions of common and not so common coffee terms.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.  We also hope you’ll share your testimonials and coffee moments with us!

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